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Network Security Courses

A team of 20+ experts has conducted in-depth research to come up with this compilation of the best network security courses available online for 2021. All of these programs are perfect for beginners, intermediate learners and experts. We update this compilation on monthly basis and numerous people have already benefited from this list. This compilation includes free and best online resources that will help you excel at network security.

Network security is the best way of defence against various hackers and other cyber threats. Most experts define network security as the rules and practices of taking security measures for protecting network infrastructure from illegal access, trespassing, modification, change, abuse, destruction, or the unauthorized gathering and release of data.

Here are the top 6 Network Security Courses that will help you excel in Network Security.


  1. Complete Cyber Security Course – Network Security

Offered By – Udemy

Course Duration – 12.5 Hrs

It is the largest network security course that is designed to enhance the skill-set to ensure network security against all threats, WiFi attacks, and exploit kits. This course is offered by Udemy. If you want to understand all network concepts, the cyber security course is one for you. To take admission in the cyber security course, you are required to pass the HSS exam.


Key USPs:

  • Through this course, you can learn all the information related to the cyber security course.
  • You can learn about vulnerability scanners, firewalls, and more by taking a cyber security course.
  • You can discover the most methods of authentication through this course.


  1. Security Courses & Training (LinkedIn Learning)

Offered By – LinkedIn

Course Duration – Variable

Available on LinkedIn, these online courses are good for those who want to start their journey with cyber security or network security. These online courses are known to keep the system free from spam or malware. Most experts are joining cyber security courses and get benefits from them. You can access all these network security options by joining these online training programs.

Key USPs:

  • Through these courses, you can know the key concepts of the IT security foundation.
  • You can learn more about window 8 networking security.
  • Best for those professionals looking for the best network security option.


  1. Network & Security Training Courses Online

Offered By – Udemy

Course Duration – Variable

It is the best way for those who want to make their career bright with Network & Security courses. These network & security training courses are specially designed to enhance the skill set to ensure a lot of topics such as Kali Linux, ethical hacking, Cisco CCNA, penetration testing, information security, Amazon AWS, etc.


Key USPs:

  • These courses are very comprehensive to help you gear up for the industry.
  • You can learn about great techniques on ethical hacking.
  • Through these courses, you can learn how to use wireshark like a pro.


  1. Network Security by Georgia Tech (Udacity)

Offered By – Udacity

Course Duration – Approx. 16 Weeks

It is the perfect way for all intermediate learners. This course will provide you all the information related to network and computer security. In this program, you can learn the basic elements of system security, cryptanalysis, and cryptography. In addition, you can learn about different types of topics such as security modeling, authentication, trusted computing, DDOS detection, and mitigation, etc.


Key USPs:

  • It is a self-paced learning course that you can rely on it.
  • Through this learning program, you can learn lots of exercises to improve your skillset.
  • You can learn the latest trends of attack and defense technologies by joining this learning program.


  1. Network Security by RIT (edX)

Offered By – RIT (edX)

Course Duration – 8 Weeks


This course is provided by RIT (edX). It is the most popular online learning program that will help you learn all the network and security processes including evidence collection, network auditing, and intrusion detection against any threat. This is a good learning program for those who want to learn how to defend against any threat.

Key USPs:

  • You can start your career with this Network Security program because it will help you to give all the information related to Network security.
  • In this learning program, you can learn how to analyze the attack and defend scenarios.


  1. Network Security (Stanford School of Engineering)

Offered By – Stanford School of Engineering

Course Duration – 60 days

Available at Stanford School of Engineering, this online learning program will give you brief information on network and computer security. This includes how to detect operating system holes.

Key USPs:

  • Know about application security measures.
  • Learn how to detect operating system holes.


Job opportunities after getting a certificate of network security

Nowadays network security is a high-demand profession. Network security has a good career. You can get the high-paying and the best jobs after getting a certificate in network security.  You can earn expensive money through network security jobs. This is the best option to start your career with a good and reputed job.  If you want to know about the job opportunities in network security, then we have suggested some famous jobs types in network security-

  • Security Specialist
  • Incident Responder
  • Security Analyst
  • Security Administrator
  • Security Manager
  • Security Auditor
  • Forensic Expert
  • Vulnerability Assessor
  • Penetration Tester
  • Security Engineer


Top companies of network security

You can find the many big and famous companies for network security systems. Here we are telling the names of some famous companies in which you can apply for network security jobs and earn a lot of money.

  • Salesforce
  • Happiest Minds Technologies
  • SonicWall
  • Accenture
  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise | HPE
  • Tata Communications
  • Capgemini Engineering
  • IBM
  • NortonLifeLock
  • Mindtree
  • BT
  • Capgemini


Income of a network security engineer

You can earn a lot of money with a network security job. This is a high-paying job. If you want to start your career with an expensive income job, then a network security job is the best option for you. Network Security Company’ offers salaries to network security engineers according to their experience.  In India, network security gives ₹5, 62,622/yr to ₹9, 15,909/yr to a network security engineer.

Network security engineer salary in aboard

If you are not satisfied with the Indian Companies salary, then you can find the high paying jobs in aboard as a network security engineer. Many countries provide network security jobs at expensive salaries. Here we telling you some names of countries, where you can do the job with an expensive salary as a network security engineer

Germany: £56,485 / €64,800

Netherlands: £48,996 / €55,500

UK: £48,020 / €54,700

Italy: £36,960 / €42,350

Spain: £36,082 / €41,450

Ireland: £55,485 / €63,500

France: £51,197 / €57,235

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