Career as Mechanical Engineer-Courses, Job, Salary About Mechanical Engineer

About Mechanical Engineer

A mechanical engineer deals with the designing and construction of machines. Constructing a cost-effective machine and doing relevant and related modifications in the mechanism is the sole aim of a mechanical engineer.

Mechanical Engineering Degree

·  Electro mechanical ·  Structural material ·  Biomedical and bioengineering ·  Solid mechanic ·  Systems modelling  And more

Mechanical Engineering Courses & Career

Nowadays, there are many introductory, intermediate, and advanced course options available on the internet. The edX offers different types of engaging mechanical engineering courses.

Mechanical Engineering Courses & Career

1. Master of Science in Engineering 2. Master of Science in Industrial Engineering 3. Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering- Biomedical Engineering

Careers in Mechanical Engineering

·  Design Engineer Job ·  Assistant Mechanical Engineer Job ·  Professor / Lecturer in Mechanical Engineer ·  Purchase and Quality Control Executive

Best Mechanical Engineer Job Providers in India

·  Reliance Industrie ·  Jacob ·  GE Global Research ·  Toshiba ·  Siemen ·  Tata Motor ·  Indian Oil AND more..

Best Jobs for Mechanical Engineers –

1. Mechanical Detailing Engineer Job 2. Technical Support Engineer II (TSE) 3. Mechanical Engineer CAD 4. Assistant Mechanical Engineer Job 5. Mechanical Supervisor

Mechanical Supervisor salary  

The average salary of a mechanical supervisor job is INR 30000.